[su_note]  We feel that the role of a producer is to facilitate and enhance the vision of the artist.  By staying up-to-date with modern recording techniques and styles, we produce recordings that sound current and stand up against anything you might hear from a major-label big-city studio.  But beyond that, we strive for authenticity and originality. We’re not just engineers who produce – we’re musicians.  We can translate the intangible to the technical and back again.  We know writing, we know arranging.  We know how to pair the right microphone to the right instrument to get that feeling you’re looking for.  We’ve invested in dozens of guitars, basses, and amps.  We have a grand piano, banjos, mandolins, dobros, lap steels, ukeleles.  We have a massive collection of samples, synths, and plug-ins.  Why?  Because no two songs are the same, and while we know that “right” and “wrong” is pretty subjective in the music world, we are firm believers in finding “just right”. Spiral Studios has recently written and produced music for Duck Dynasty, Myrtle Manor, Honey Boo Boo, The NFL Network, ABC Movie of the Week, and The Booze Traveler.  Our work has been featured with Warner Chappell/Non Stop Music, Amphibious Zoo Music, and Scorekeepers Music.  If you are looking for custom, genre specific music, consider Spiral Studios, featuring Ryan Tilby and Steve Lemmon, for your music needs. [/su_note]