Steve Lemmon |  Engineer, Producer, Musician

Steve Lemmon began his performing career while still in high school, and experienced his first major musical success as lead guitarist and front man for the popular Salt Lake based band Ali Ali Oxen Free.  Since then, Steve counts himself extremely fortunate to have made a living making music for the last 20+ years.  In addition to touring worldwide with such bands as Shauna Burns, Peter Breinholt, Sam Payne, and Bryan Ragsdale, Steve also owns and operates Spiral Recording Studios in St. George, UT.  Since opening Spiral in 1989, Steve has recorded and produced albums for some of the industry’s most talented musicians including Clover, the cast of Disney’s High School Musical, Eric Dodge, and many, many others.  Steve is also a talented composer whose arrangements and original compositions have been featured in several films, stage productions, and audio recordings.

Guitar Hymns

Ryan Tilby |   Engineer, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist.

Ryan Tilby is an in-demand multi-instrumentalist and engineer/producer with experience recording (and being recorded) in every major studio in Utah.  With years under his belt as a professional touring musician signed to Capitol Records, Ryan has played venues around the world and recorded on hundreds of projects.  He studied jazz guitar at Utah State University and has two solo albums distributed through Stone Angel Music.


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Tamara Lemmon | Web Design & Internet Marketing

Tamara Lemmon has over 15 years experience in marketing and design.  Her niche marketing system has revolutionized SEO for her loyal group of clients.  Tamara can help you create and establish your internet presence.  Please visit for more information.